Friday, November 14, 2014

Leaving Space for Miracles

You know the one about the guy who is waiting for a miracle on top of his house during a flood? It goes something like this...

As the flood waters begin to lap at his rooftop where he waits for a miracle, his neighbor comes by in a rowboat. "Hop in!" says the neighbor.
"No thanks, God will save me."

Shortly  after, a speedboat appears and he waves it on.

A helicopter hovers overhead. "Grab the rope!"
"No thanks, God will save me."

Not surprisingly, the man has his chance to meet God in the hereafter and asks, "God, I had faith. Why didn't you save me?"
God replied, "I sent a rowboat, a speedboat, and a helicopter. What more did you expect?"

I like that guy. I want to be his neighbor. To wave everyday to someone with such an open, trusting heart that the Universe/God will provide.
I feel I've been doing the opposite these last many months. I've been working hard at this healing thing. Taking my medicine, tinctures, teas...doin' my yoga thing. Forgiving. Both myself and others. Meditating, manifesting, and keepin' it positive.

But I forgot one thing the guy on the roof has been doing this whole time.

Leave space for a complete and profound miracle that can happen in a single breath.

Maybe my next one. Maybe yours.
Because they happen every day.

Maybe my miracle is this long, hard, beautiful road of healing dis ease. Of peeling back the layers. Taking a good look and cleaning house. In every way. That is a mighty fine gift. I'm grateful for it.
But I'm going to remember- complete healing through the body, mind, and soul can also happen in that breath.

Let's leave space for that.


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PS I had a chance to connect with an old acquaintance who quickly became a Soul Sister to me in about 5 minutes flat. When talking about different healing treatments it was she who first said to me "It may not lead to your complete remission and healing in one go...but let's leave space for that." Be smart. Do the work that needs doing. And always leave space for miracles!

PSS by the way...

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