Sunday, November 9, 2014

How Susan Branch Helped Me See My Awesomeness

I have always known how awesome you are. Yes, you. Wherever you are on this journey, whether you see it or not, I can see you are awesome.

While low self esteem has never been a label I would slap on myself, I don't think I've ever seen my own awesome. And I think it's getting in the way. In the way of complete and miraculous healing that I am so ready for. 

Yesterday, Susan Branch (and a few others), helped create one of those Aha! moments in my life.

My dear friend, Barbara, has the happiest of shops. Susan Branch was coming to do a book signing. I jumped in to both help my friend and just soak up all of that happy I knew the women coming would be simply bubbling over with. Some traveled from Minnesota to meet Susan!

As I re-folded tshirts and helped pass out cupcakes, a few women recognized me from my former business. I was a Cupcake Lady what seems like a life time ago. One thanked me for what I had made for her (I am still particularly proud of my gluten free and allergen free recipes). Several wanted to know what I was doing now and share some happy thoughts both about and for me. So very kind, I thought. People are so very awesome.

Women (and a few husbands) waited with patient excitement to meet Susan. 
Now, friends, I have come smack face to face with Michael Jackson as I entered a side door in Vegas and he with his entourage tried to exit. Weird was all I thought. Growing up in California, I've met many movie stars and the like. I have never understood the idolization of stars or even collecting autographs.

As I watched woman after woman hold Susan's hand, some crying some too excited to stand still, as they told their story and how her soft and cheerful paintings, her gentle written words lifted them through cancers, caring for and then losing loved ones, and so many stories just as big to each person. As I watched her listen with open hearted love, never seeming to let it take from her own energy...

I got it. 

They didn't want Susan's signature. 

They wanted to stand in her light.

and her signature would be a token to remember that moment by. Hopefully to be inspired by. 

Susan remembered me from an intimate show she had hosted several years ago here in her home roots- and mine. I was touched. All of these people from events, business, life...and she remembered me. Again, I was touched by the amazingness of others.

Later, Barbara shared how incredible that Susan remembered me. I don't recall what she said but for the first time I thought of the others that had asked about me, thanked me, remembered me that day and for THE FIRST time it occurred to me that I, too, am worthy of being remembered. That what I give to this world is something others are thankful for. That the kindness and gifts I have and choose to share are also pretty darn awesome. 

This isn't about how awesome I am or even how awesome Ms. Susan Branch truly is. I want to share the beginning of my accepting my own awesome and it is my lovelies of wishes that you know how awesome you are! Watch out, 2015, I'm bringing all of my awesome with!

PS You can read about our day on Susan's blog! Scroll down to Past Events here.


  1. You are so right about Susan Branch - they didn't want her autograph, they wanted to be in her light! I love that and I was there for that reason, too~ I agree with her,as well! YOU are awesome! Your smile is huge and genuine and your light is warm and bright! I look forward to following your blog and you and yours on instagram! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Dianne! What lovely light there was that day. <3

  2. I'm so glad I got to witness that beautiful moment! Keep shining my shining star of a friend. Thank you for being part of our special day <3

  3. So thankful you put yourself out there and followed your heart, Barb, so that so many more could, too!!

  4. I love this so much. These words. Your light. You. Grateful to be your friend.


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