Tuesday, November 11, 2014

5 Good Vibin' Lyme Blogs I Love

It's not about Lyme Disease, but it is about Lyme Disease. There are as many ways to heal chronic illness, Lyme Disease and all of it's varied co-infections included, as there are people living with chronic dis ease.

When I first put a name to the face, so to speak, I was immersed in Lyme Disease. The science of the infections, the why's, the how's, the what the hell does this mean for me and my family. Whew. That's a whole different blog post (like...1,000 different posts). After getting an albeit ever changing and multi layered treatment protocol rollin', my mind was able to switch from all about understanding illness, the power of food, methylation and genetic precursers 24/7, to a greater focus on wellness and what that would look like for me.

You have to sit in it for a minute. You have to find your own words to explain to friends. To understand what treatments work for your particular body and dis ease. To find resources (yes, doctors and medicines usually play the star role, but that is just the start).

At least I did.

Maybe in your healing trek through your soul you get to skip all of that and straight to

true and profound healing.

I'm getting there. 
In the mean time, I've found some pretty lovely people. Just like you. There are a ton of blogs and scientific resources in many forms to understand Lyme Disease and you should understand do you can be your best advocate. Your very best care provider for yourself. But somewhere in the mix,  I recommend adding these to your blog roll: 

Melissa Rousseau of m.parkestudio. Gorgeous photographs simple and dramatic story telling in her writing. Love. She shares detox resources, immune support, and so much more. Her apothecary shop is expansive. I always learn something new when visiting her site.

Lyme Less Live More by Brent and Dana. A mega load of information on understanding detox protocols, a huge variety of healing paths, guest posts, videos, and information direct from the truly leading experts on Lyme Disease while keeping the light on wellness and healing. Not so much on dis ease.

Kayla of Joy Rises blog is bright and lovely. Detox tips, nourishing recipes, and her bright spirit are filling up this blog. 

Sabbatical Soapbox. Reading April's posts about healing, recipes and tutorials using herbs, her jewelry and more, she reminds me of that gal that lives down the street you never braved introducing yourself to. Warm and open, her blog is cozy- and informative.

Sweet Happy Pie. Yep, shameless plug for my own blog. It's kinda new. It's growing. It's filled with wishes for good. Please add it to your blogroll and let's keep in touch!

What good vibes blog are you enjoying lately? Let me know in the comments  below so I can take follow along!


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