Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Organizing Multiple Medicine Times- Free Printable!

Keeping track of what medicines, supplements, binders like Bentonite Clay, and helpful pro-biotics to take and with what can get mighty tricky when you go beyond one multi-vitamin in the morning.

My own care professional kindly provides a spread sheet with all of the recommended supplements, medicines, etc that we plan together. It has saved me hours. Some you can't take with any acids (including lemon water), others need to be 4+ hours away from mineral supplements (nettle tea included). With food, without get's complicated.

After making a few tweaks, I have a simple printable form for you to print and use.

Just click here to download the pdf. If you have any questions or problems, just email me. 

Here are the basics of how I use mine:

  • Left column is the name of your supplement, medicine, prescription, etc. I also note milligram here.
  • You could make each column or time of day is a different color to make it easy as your eye scans the list
  • Along the top, the following general times are written in:
    • Waking
    • Breakfast
    • Mid Morn
    • Lunch
    • Mid Afternoon
    • Dinner
    • Bedtime
*I do not put specific times as the titles are a reminder to me that I need to take them WITH a meal or after a meal.

  • In the cross section, I write dosage ex. 15 drops or just 2 if it's a tablet
  • Under Notes are little reminders like "in 4 oz of water" or "Monday thru Friday only"

And that's about it. Making this worksheet is a great reminder to double check that I'm taking everything with care so it can work to my biggest and best advantage. 

Do keep all original instructions and care advice from your doctor/care provider so you can easily cross reference and double check. 

And you should totally write your name on it, then promptly put a heart around it. 

Because you are the most important person to love. 

How do you keep track of your daily self care dos? Comment below and please share- I'd love to hear!


PS Medicines and supplements are just a part of healing chronic illness or, really, healing of any kind. And for some they do not play a role in a persons healing. Which is awesome. This is just one piece. One piece I hope to make a little easier for you!

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