Monday, October 6, 2014

One Tiny Change: Moving Towards Healing

It's such a tiny thing. A sweet little tea cup that now sits in my medicine hutch. And, yes. It's an entire hutch. Every day, many times a day, I would fumble as I poured pill after pill into my hand, then attempt to use that same quickly filling hand to open the next bottle. Sometimes dropping pills, every time using far more energy than it really should take. Why was I making it harder than it needed to be? That, my friend, is the million dollar question.

Why do we get in our own way?

I don't really know. But I'm staying open to finding out. And in the meantime, making things easier for myself along the way.

One tiny change, using a sweet little tea cup to corral all of these little pills with ease, is part of the bigger picture for me. 

Part of the change is accepting that, for right now, this is the new normal.

Part of the change is embracing it. Embracing this current normal. I've stopped complaining in my heart and resisting all of this medicine I have to take. Instead, I open the cupboard doors and take a moment to say "Thank you". To give thanks that I can have access to all of this medicine.

There's more. But this is one tiny change I've decided to make and I can feel the difference it's making. 

What changes/shifts are you making that are helping in your life? I'd love to hear!



  1. I recently found out that I have a health issue that is going to require self administered injections for a short time- I have been getting bent out of shape about it and filled with anxiety- and I'm not going to lie, a little "woe is me" too- so thank you for reminding me to be grateful that I'll have access to this medication and that I'm going to have to embrace my new normal and just get on with life. Thank you for sharing your health journey!!

  2. Oh, honey, that does sound hard. And exciting, too- you have a name for this health challenge, a plan, and the tools. Sending hugs for being so brave. Thank YOU for sharing with me here!

    1. Thank you! Life doesn't always give you an easy path does it?! I guess it builds character.

  3. I love that you use a teacup! I use a ring dish. Put all the pills there so I see them every time I stop for a drink of water which will remind me to check the time for the next batch o' pills. <3


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