Wednesday, October 8, 2014

30 Days of Movement: a personal challenge

Today in the middle of doing other "more important" things I grabbed my mat and jumped on. For yoga on the porch with the pumpkins.

After finding RowdyKittens blog and then her Instagram images of lovely walks, I was inspired.

Walking and hiking are both adventures, large and small, I used to do and love. Yoga is my second love and, like many good love stories, slowly taking over my heart.

With all of the tools at hand for healing and feeling amazing, movement is often the most accessible. Yet, I find have been spending very little time giving myself this time and energy. 

Here are my usual excuses and what I try to remind myself:

1. I'm too tired. No. Seriously exhausted.

I know you are. But somehow when I find 30 minutes to move my body with care and love, I find an extra 60 minutes of energy in my day. Crazy. Just 5 minutes makes a difference. 

2. It hurts.

Honey, it won't hurt any more on the the yoga mat or walking down the beach. And it always, always hurts less once you get up and get there. 

Even if there is just to the porch to breathe deeply in the sun. I honor for right now it might be in the hospital bed or home on bedrest (been there). Breathwork can be a powerful tool in so many ways. Just one resource to look closer at using breathework from Dr. Weil (video with sound).

3. I should be doing ____ for the house/family/food prep/research then I'll make time for exercise.

When I take care of myself, I have so much more to give.

30 days of movement, starting today. No excuses. It all counts. 3 minutes or 30. Just show up and try.

A few resources:

  • Grokker: Yoga, Fitness, Cooking. Well produces videos for every level- free!
  • A gentle yoga practice focused on healing through pain on Grokker
  • Amazon Prime membership offers a gazzillion free exercise & wellness videos
  • Your library. DVD's and some are now offering downloads. Free.
  • Creating Meaningful Morning Routine microcourse by Courtney Carver. $10 investment. 
 I'd love to do this with you! Would you like to join me? Leave a note below and tell me your favorite ways to get up and get moving. And what might be holding you back.


PS  There are no affiliate links in this or any post. Just sharing.


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