Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lola. Our Black Sex Linked Hen

Lola is one of our Black Sex Linked laying hens. See the touch of iridescent in her feathers? She's a pretty one and likes to strut her stuff. Here she is coming in from the rain.

The other girls pretend not to notice as Lola rocks to her own tune. 

 A few things to ponder if you are considering this breed:
  • mega layers! these girls lay around 300 eggs per year.
  • chosen for their above mentioned egg laying power house but sometimes used as dual purpose
  • they are less aggressive than Rhode Island Reds but they can be pretty darn bossy themselves
  • a hardy bird, good for colder climates
  • averaging 5.5 to 9 pounds
  • their name come from the direct link between their color and their sex: females are a beautiful iridescent black, males have much more red
  • beautiful chocolate brown eggs
  • a cross between Rhode Island Red and Barr Rock

Do you have chickens or thinking about them? What are your favorite breeds? For more ideas and resources on raising chickens, follow along with my Pinterest board, Chickens and Garden!



  1. Gorgeous! ♥
    We have Brahmas, don't know the English term for the exact breed but it's the smallest. They are very friendly and curious, ideal to combine with children. We picked those because our oldest boy Youp asked them for his 8th birthday. We needed something he could handle! Here's a photo:

    1. They are lovely and cute little chicks! Happy to see your blog and now following along. :)


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