Friday, October 26, 2012

Easy Gnome Costume with a Vampire Bonus

This isn't really a tutorial. It's an idea you can easily re-create.
A few years ago, I was a gnome. One of my guys was a vampire. Easiest. Costume. Ever.
For the mere hefty price of some super realistic glue in fangs and a black jacket, you have one instant costume. I know. It's been done. Because it's pretty darn good and easy.

A friend was going to be a gnome and had some great ideas on the basics. We split up the sewing, each making two of the same piece. Easy peasy! Share the work or spend a couple of hours whipping up the basics.

The Basics:

  • red felt cone hat (tutorial here, and here, 
  • beard (tutorials here, and here )
  • peasant blouse
  • wide leather belt or sash cut from brown fabric and tied
  • rain boots, faux boots, brown shoes or just forget the bottom half 'cause people will see the hat and the beard and smile and that is enough for me. 
Bam. You are a gnome!

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