Friday, August 31, 2012

Easy Baby Pants with Room for Cloth Diapers

I admit it. At only three months along, I had already sewn up all the basics and simply could not wait to find out if I should focus on ruffly skirts or cargo pants next. So...I started sewing both. Even though we've been told it's a girl, ya just never know until the day they actually come to show you themselves. Besides, she just might not be a twirly skirt kinda girl.

Free tutorial and pattern I used from Made by Rae here. 

  • Dana Made It has a kids pants pattern with all the bells and whistles: pockets, warm lining, knee patches, and more here.
  • Sweater sleeve sweat pants by Green Kitchen.

I whipped up all three of these in less than two hours, including plenty of time to hem and haw over fabric from my scraps bin and a piece from a vintage dress. They have an extra big bum for cloth diapered kiddos- hooray! For more ideas on sewing for little ones, follow along with my Pinterest board, Handmade: Wee Ones! Enjoy.

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