Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Cook Fall Off the Bone Tender Whole Chicken

Okay, this is really one half of a chicken. When you raise your own chickens, do all the butchering and don't just go around eating a whole chicken like it was nothing. They become far more precious. Also, they fit better in the vacuum sealer bags. But the timing is the same for half or whole.

So, this is ridiculously simple. Rinse your chicken (if you are a chicken rinsing kind of cook) and put in the bottom of a pot big enough to hold it and fill the pot with cold water until your chicken is covered.

Add a few vegetables you have on hand. I usually add a carrot or two, cut into three or four pieces, and one quartered onion. I planted a lot of onions in the garden. I mean...a lot and have been looking for ways to use all those onion tops. In place of the whole onion, I tucked the greens in the pot instead and found they added great flavor and I got to use the onion itself for another purpose.

Put the lid on. Heat to a rolling boil, turn off the heat and let sit for 90 minutes. Leave the lid on- seriously. No peeking.

After 90 minutes, you are done! Tender every time, never chewy or tough. I usually save the stock for cooking and soups, removing the chicken to a colander to allow it to cool quickly. I de-bone and shred or chop the chicken to use in recipes for the week.
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