Monday, January 27, 2014

How to Defuzz Your Sweater

Is your beloved sweater collection looking a little sad? Thrift store finds of once lovely sweaters can be easily passed up when they are covered with pilling and fuzz. Not anymore. Let's perk up those cozy knits, easy peasy.

fuzzy sweater
pumice stone

Yes, they make "special" pumice stones for sweaters but they are really the same thing you get from your hardware store.
I do not recommend using an old razor as it can snag and cut fibers. Special combs and electric defuzzers can work wonders but I like low tech- and I'm cheap.

Good sweater candidates for de-pilling:
100% acrylic and acrylic blend sweaters (Target cardigans are perfect!)
100% wool and wool blend

Not so good sweaters for using pumice:
fine woven fabrics, like silk

Always do a test patch!

Let's get started.

Lay out your sweater on a clean surface.
Hold one end of your sleeve to keep it in place, use the other to make small sweeps with the pumice stone. Brush away the little fur balls as they pile up. Keep going, double checking front, back, sides, and details (like ties and collars).
Shake off your fluff balls and use a lint roller (or tape wrapped around your hand, sticky side out) to get the last bits.
Now, doesn't that look better? I'd love to hear what you are going to spruce up first!
Love this sweater? You can get it in the shop this week!


  1. oooh! i've never used a pumice stone. i've always used a razor. is this from F & Bs? i almost bought this or something just like it but for the pilling!

    1. Delighted you found this useful! Next time, you won't have to pass it up-you'll know how to fix it easy peasy. :)

  2. Whaaaat? I've been dragging my heels on ordering one of those special sweater razor/shaver things, but I have a pumice stone just sitting around at home! I'll have to try this out.

    1. Do it! Test patches are always a good idea. The sweater shaver doo-hickeys are still good for delicate fluff.

  3. Gonna try this. I hate when my sweaters get fuzzy, it makes you look so messy!

  4. I am trying this asap! I have a sweater that I had just about given up on. Thanks for sharing! :)


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