Tuesday, February 4, 2014

5+ Super Fave Man Food Recipes

I adore my mister. Butterflies still sore in my tummy with one wink from him. There is so much I do appreciate about him. Nauseas yet? Yeah, he doesn't want to hear it either. Words just don't cut it. Actions speak louder than words.

What the mister wants is smokin' hot chicken pot pie. Freakin' amazing brownies. A plate piled with chocolate chip cookie dough balls and nutbutter milkshakes. Gluten free and dairy free and all the better for it.

Here are 5 (bonus links above!) of our most heavily rotated Man Foods*:

  • Perfect Pot Roast from The Pioneer Woman. I used to think it would take another 20 years to get a moist and tender roast. Nah. Just do what she tells you and I promise- perfect pot roast! 
  • Kale with Bacon. I swear he loves this.  Most kale haters will change their mind when you add bacon.
  • Almost Instant Paleo BBQ Sauce. Really, it's baked BBQ chicken he loves but there are 4 million recipes for that and your Grandma's is probably totally better. This sauce is delish'- and really almost instant!

Enjoy these tasty favourites and I hope you find a new blog or two to follow. These are some powerful food makers!

*I know- ladies love their meat and butter, too! Whether you are makin' these for your own mister or for you- I hope you enjoy.

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