Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Handstitched Projects for Real Deal Bedrest

No more half a*s bedrest.
I didn't realize how much I've begun popping up and "just getting a little something done". The dishes in the dishwasher are not important. A half done bun in the oven...very important. It's not that I've HAD to it's just so hard NOT to! We are just 6 months along and continuing to having a gazillion contractions. My Fisherman's dear Mom has come up for the week and will be both keeping me company and generally helping get things caught up. My own wonderful mother, caring friends, and The Fisherman himself have all been wonderful. It's really I who haven't asked for the help I've been needing.  *There are baking, canning, and general busy-ness posts already photographed and scheduled to be shared but I promise I'm taking it easy*

So...this week I'll be working on the following projects:

Embroidered cuckoo clock from Little Dear Tracks. I'm particularly excited about this one!

400 pom poms. These are darling book marks by Design Mom but I'll be making little red pom poms for an upcoming holiday garland project.

Some variation of these gorgeous handstitched Frida Kahlo embroideries. Fabric and Embroidery Hoop by nicolemonjeau , all felt Hoop by BirdFace, Frida pattern by laceandsparrow.

What's up for your week? I'd love to hear!

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