Thursday, November 15, 2012

How To Make a Daisy Cupcake

Another easy peasy cupcake tutorial. You can whip these up ahead of time or...put out the toppings with naked cupcakes and let party guests make their own. Did you see my Owl Cupcakes tutorial? Offer one- or both.

orange buttercream (or yellow, pink...whatever color your heart desires)
Milk Duds
full size marshmallows, cut in half. colored marshmallows are always an option

To Make:
1. Bake cupcakes and gather ingredients.

2. Slather on frosting. Messy is just fine- we just want the toppings to stick and some of the color to show.

3.Place one Milk Dud in the middle.

4. Circle with marshmallow halves. I squished some of the fluffier marshmallows, just a little. Place the sticky side of the marshmallow down.

5. Enjoy! For more sweet treats, follow along with my Pinterest board: Eat, Sweet!

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